Windcraft, Inc.

120 Point Comfort Rd, Mary Esther, FL 32569, USA




Windcraft specializes in multihull sailboats, both catamarans and trimarans such as the immensely popular Corsair trailerable trimarans, the exciting new van Peteghem and Lauriot Prevost designed Multi 23 sports trimaran, and Motorcat power catamarans. We have two locations, one near Destin in north Florida and another in Atlanta. Windcraft is owned and operated by Don Wigston, a long-time Corsair trimaran owner and racer, so Windcraft knows Corsair boats inside and out. In addition to the full Corsair line-up, Windcraft also offers two high-performance cruising catamarans from TRT Multihulls in Norway–the TRT 1200 and 1420. In addition, we offer two really nice power catamarans built in Poland – the Motorcat 30 and Motorcat 29.Windcraft also offers the popular Windrider trimarans, including the Windrider 17 tri, Windrider 16 tri, and Windrider Rave hydrofoil trimaran. At present, however, only the Windrider 17 is available new, while the new factory ramps up production. Nevertheless, we can often find used Windriders for you call and ask.In addition to our lines of new sail and power multihulls, Windcraft offers an extensive selection of previously owned multihulls. While we focus primarily on used Corsair trimarans, we also offer several non-Corsair boats, a variety of larger cruising cats and tris, and some smaller and more affordable multihulls like the Farrier-designed Trailer Tri and older Dragonflies, plus the occasional power cat.

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